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Computer screen displaying Google Analytics Terminology.

Google Analytics Terminology – An Overview

New to Google Analytics? Google Analytics (GA) is a powerful reporting tool that can help analyse your website’s data. In essence, it gives you the information you need to continue to grow your online presence by gaining insight into how your potential customers engage and interact with your website. If you’re opening up Google Analytics

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Web algorithm graphic | Featured image for Ranking a Website blog.

Ranking a Website, Search Engine Ethics, and Why you Need SEO

Are you interested in learning about what goes into ranking a website and why is SEO so important for a modern-day business? In 2020 alone it is estimated that over 90% of all web traffic started with a search. The conveniences of modern-day online search have certainly altered the business landscape, but has it been

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Digital marketing illustration - Featured Image for Seo and PPC blog.

SEO and PPC – What’s Right for Your Business?

New to the world of digital marketing and want to learn more about SEO and PPC? Studies show that approximately 80% of Australians are now using the internet to shop online, find reviews, keep up relationships, collaborate on projects, learn new skills, bank online, and so much more. Whether you’re a small business wanting to

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