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Digital Marketing for Construction Companies

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Digital Marketing Agency for Construction Companies

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Construction and digital marketing – seems like they’d go together like relish and peanut butter. But experience has shown otherwise. Today, digital marketing for construction companies is a proven winner for firms big and small – and Resurge Digital has led the way in digital online marketing for developing and capitalising on this remarkable resource.

As the internet has become ubiquitous, there is no more efficient way to put your message in front of decision-makers of all kinds. That message is sticky – it remains available the next day, or the next year. Making a sale is a process – the buyer typically needs to come back to the idea more than once before they commit. Digital presence allows them to move into the sale as quickly as possible but at a comfortable pace, without breaking the connection that brought them there in the first place. Other media doesn’t come close to this kind of persistent engagement.

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The Resurge Difference

Understanding the Client

Digital marketing for construction companies is a specialised enterprise. A strong appreciation of the unique space in which construction operates is key. There are no incidental construction projects. They are not undertaken on impulse. Each involves foresight and planning and regulatory compliance on a scale not seen in most other industries. A potential client with a construction project in mind needs to be spoken to in ways that are informative, technically sound, transparent, and quite serious without being stuffy. Construction digital marketing in general, and a construction company’s messaging in particular, must reflect this reality. A digital marketing agency for construction must know how to craft messages like this.

Building a Brand

When you communicate to any audience of potential buyers, you are always building a brand. Finding the “something different” that sets a company apart from competition is the source of success. Resource Digital understands that you know your company best, and we consult with you to learn your unique situation and capabilities, both in the work you do and in your existing marketing and sales. For example:

  • Are your customers local or interstate, or both?
  • What media have you been using to reach them?
  • Is it working?
  • How does your sales force reach out to potential customers?
  • Is sales ready to handle inbound contact generated by web presence?
  • Ready to manage online customer chat?

The list and the details go on and on. Every company is different – there is no universal best answer. It’s very important to choose construction digital marketing solutions that are an excellent fit.

Industries We Specialise In

Digital Marketing for Builders

No part of construction takes in more planning and physical effort than building. Whether commercial or residential, this is where the work and care of dozens of people is tried and proven. In the end you stand in front of the result of an intricate coordinated group enterprise. We assist potential clients to understand that you are the one who can bring all of this together, on time and in budget.

Digital Marketing for Shopfitters

The work of shopfitters is closest to the client – they create the space the client will see every day and spend hours experiencing, possibly for many years to come. Communication is the beginning – the client must feel that their voice is heard, so the finished space will reflect the best part of themselves. We highlight shopfitters’ portfolio of completed projects and showcase their talented solutions, so the client will see how great ideas came to life.

Digital Marketing for Demolition Companies

Perhaps no part of construction is more challenging than demolition, and no part possibly less understood by potential clients. To generate and control the forces necessary to dismantle and remove entire buildings safely, efficiently, and within regulations, calls for significant skill and extensive experience. We point this out in language a layperson can relate to, while illustrating and demonstrating the company’s high state of readiness in equipment and employee training.

Digital Marketing for Architects

Architects operate at the intersection of ideas, vision, and reality. They must reconcile the often-competing needs and agendas of the project’s stakeholders, and after all of this, the result must be built at reasonable cost. We understand that an architect manages these paradoxes and complexities every day, and we communicate that capability to clients – so they will be able to place their confidence and trust in this central figure in construction and look toward an outstanding outcome.

Digital Marketing for Contractors

There are a lot of construction projects out there, but there are also a large number of contractors. How do you stand out? How do you speak to your professional market? We answer this by showcasing your successes and pointing out your capabilities with memorable and engaging messages. By reaching out to your potential clients, in the construction trade and with businesses and homeowners, you are already ahead of most of the competition.

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How We Can Help

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Online search is where sales start in today’s world. We craft your message incorporating keywords and key phrases corresponding to relevant online searches, so your listing rises in search result rankings and qualified potential clients are motivated to visit your site. This is a long-proven strategy for SEO Brisbane wide, based on verifiable statistics.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Potential clients increasingly look to social media – multiple times per day – for information and recommendations. We use our knowledge and experience with this medium to put your message in front of a vast audience. Your customers find you, and they connect with a tap. We are Social Media Marketing Brisbane – ready to take your messaging to a new level.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

These are paid-for advertisements appearing online primarily in the top search engines. They differ from regular listings – they are more visible, and you control the content. The fee paid for a click is very small compared to the revenue it can generate. We have been deploying this approach as a leading Google Ads Manager Brisbane wide for years, and we know what works.

Web Design

The foundation of digital marketing is the World Wide Web – the most powerful tool for sales communication ever invented. Resurge Digital is your go-to Brisbane website design agency, for reliable, proven methods that further your business purposes. We are proud to be fully committed to using the Web to inform Australia and the world about the capabilities and achievements of the great roster of construction companies that we represent.

Where We Service:

We service all of Australia and the world. These are our areas of greatest concentration:

  • Brisbane
  • Cairns
  • Gold Coast
  • Hervey Bay
  • Ipswich
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Toowoomba
  • Auckland

Work with the Professionals

Your message is very important. It deserves to be broadcast by a leader in digital marketing and communications. It deserves a digital marketing agency for construction that knows the territory very well. It deserves focus and commitment, detailed planning and follow-up. It deserves the best we can give. We’re Resurge Digital, and we want to speak with you. Contact us online or call us on 1300 659 035 to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. It’s the fastest-growing segment of sales communication for all businesses, and construction is certainly a part of this.

This will vary depending on what is best for your company – how wide a net you want to cast, and which technology will match your business and audience.

This will depend on your business goals and needs, as determined in consultation with our digital marketing professionals. Your best choices may change over time as your business evolves.

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