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Digital Marketing for Dentists

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Dental Digital Marketing Agency

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Digital Marketing for Dentists

Your Dental Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing and dentistry are a natural fit. That might not be apparent at first glance, but when you consider it from the point of view of a prospective dental patient, it makes a lot of sense. How do people choose a dentist? Traditionally, they may ask family and friends, or look to their medical doctor for a recommendation. But today, as a first step, they are just as likely to check online for a dental practice that is conveniently located and that seems to suit their needs.

A key point is that most dental practices do not yet understand this – so the dental practice that does gets a big head start over the competition in reaching and engaging with new patients. The key element in successful digital marketing for dentists is an experienced and innovative dental digital marketing agency.

Resurge Digital have a proven track record in bringing dental businesses into the digital age with highly effective online marketing. We build our strategy around you – showcasing your strengths and achievements, making your practice a standout in a crowded field. It’s a new world, and your dental practice belongs in the spotlight. Call in the experts in Brisbane digital marketing – call Resurge Digital on 1300 659 035 or reach out online today.

Every Dental Clinic is Unique

Our first goal is to find and identify the things that make your dental practice different from all the rest. You have put years into developing your knowledge and skills, and into building up your customer base and your clinic. It’s all an extended version of who you are, and that’s what draws new patients in, and keeps loyal patients coming back. We do a lot of listening as we find out what makes your dental practice special. We see this as the foundation of our success as a dental digital marketing agency.

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Dental Digital Marketing

How Digital Marketing for Dentists Can Help Your Business Succeed

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

All online searches are not equal. Resurge Digital knows how to maximise return on SEO for dentists by using carefully researched key phrases that are highly relevant to what you are offering. These key phrases are included in the text on your website. They will be picked up by search engines and guide new patients to your dental practice. SEO marketing for dentists is an effective tool with trackable results.

That being said, it is worth addressing the fact that SEO marketing for dentists is not a casual discipline. Dental SEO experts are not commonly found. Dental SEO services require a higher level of understanding of dental practice and dental medicine than marketing people can usually claim. SEO services for dentists rely on careful pre-testing, which many agencies are not set up to do. Resurge Digital have done their homework, and we always look forward with confidence to providing dental SEO.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Marketing on social media can be very powerful, but it is also the most dynamic online approach. Trends and favoured channels change constantly. What is cool today may be cringe next week. It takes a highly knowledgeable cross-disciplinary team, well-versed and comfortable in the online universe, to manage this kind of marketing. Social media marketing Brisbane is the go-to group at Resurge Digital for these campaigns.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Another strong method of capturing qualified online searches is the small ads that we all see at the top of online search results. You know your message will be seen because you’ve contracted with the search engine to put it there. These ads are not free, but experience shows that the profit gained from running them is realistically expected to be greater than the cost. Google ads manager Brisbane at Resurge Digital has a lot of experience with this method of reaching new business, and we can show you how it works.

Web Design

Your website will be the heart of your online presence and marketing. Every part of it is important, all with the aim of capturing attention, being highly informative, and presenting your practice in the most engaging way – guiding visitors to reach out to your practice and schedule a consultation. Resurge Digital is a well-respected Brisbane website design agency – we know how to create websites that get great results. We’ve delivered these results many times, and we’ve watched our clients’ practices grow.

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Resurge Digital is ready to take you and your dental practice to a new level of success. The tremendous reach and scale of online marketing, and especially online marketing for dentists, has never been more accessible than it is today. Let our dental SEO experts demonstrate what the right kind of marketing can do for you and show you what you are able to achieve. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – we know from experience that it does. With a well-designed, comprehensive online campaign, dental practices reach target audiences never available to them before. Reach converts to engagement, then to contact, and to a new patient base.

Costs will vary depending on the size and content of your campaign. You’ll discuss these aspects with your dedicated account professional. Online marketing for dentists and dental SEO services are always bespoke jobs.

All of them can work offering their own unique strengths and weaknesses Choosing the approach your campaign will take is something that will be decided in consultation with your account team. The best mix is likely to change as your practice and marketing strategy both grow.

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