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Even the most cleverly branded, custom design websites are nothing but dead real estate if nobody sees or uses them. Using search engine optimisation, we put your site in front of the people who are already searching for products, services and businesses like yours – this is the power of inbound marketing. Instead of trying to force your way into a market, appeal to web searchers who are already looking to hire or buy from you.

We built our search engine optimisation process on the principles of inbound marketing. We make sure that your website answers the information and service questions as well as product searches of your prospective clients. The logic is simple – when a prospective customer searches the web, search engines check their indexes for websites that best answer that query. By matching your web presence to how real people search for businesses like yours, we increase your chances of getting found on today’s crowded internet.

There is a lot of ‘SEO theatre’ on the Brisbane SEO scene these days, but not with us. Our processes are transparent and visible. We don’t pretend to do work; we always work hard; we are always searching for ways to improve your website. As we keep on updating your website, you always see what work we are doing.

Our SEO Services Include:

Domain Assessment

We check for possible domain level issues. Does your domain name look trustworthy? Perhaps it poorly reflects the character of your business? The age of your domain may also affect your website’s ability to rank. We check for all SEO sensitive aspects of your domain name and develop a strategy to overcome these problems.

Hosting Assessment

Your web hosting may serve your website from a location far away from your place of business or worse yet from where your audience is. Your host may limit the server resources allocated to your website and limit the ability of your website to serve content to your visitors. We assess all these elements and more; then, we work with your host to resolve any issues and only recommend host migration as a last resort.

Backlink Profiling

Not all links are made equal. Many SEO agencies will build wholesale links to your website to directly manipulate the rankings. This type of link building is in fact against the guidelines of all major search engines and may easily earn you a penalty or even get you completely delisted as if you do not exist. Do you know where your brand is displayed and how? We thoroughly check your backlink profile for these problems and address them.

Recurring Auditing

As you work on your website, add new pages, upload content, install plugins, tweak and make changes, all the accumulated updates tend to create technical problems which can affect the quality of your website as search engines see it. Our auditing tools run scheduled monthly crawls of your website and alert us of what needs fixing.

Technical SEO Onsite

Improving the technical quality of your website is the basis of our approach to search engine optimisation. At Resurge Digital, we specialise in technical SEO. We will find and fix your broken links, amend your URLs, improve your internal linking structure, speed up your website and optimise your sitemaps wherever possible, as necessary. There is no fluff in the work we do on your website, every action we take and every decision we make when making or recommending changes to your website is informed and has a purpose behind it.

Content Analysis

Your website probably reflects how you see and understand your business, services and products, but have you considered whether your prospective clients use the same words to talk about and search for what you are offering? Searching the web is a query-answer transaction. We conduct extensive keyword research at the start of every campaign to inform what content should be present on your site, what keywords it should use, and how it should be structured. Are all the SEO sensitive elements of your site optimised? We will make sure they are.

A Genuine Brisbane SEO Agency

Our Brisbane SEO agency is a team of dedicated individuals, each with more than a decade of experience in marketing, advertising, e-commerce and business.

There are no fresh-out-of-university graduates at Resurge Digital; we are all experienced professionals who know what business is, what it means to you and why you are doing it. We do not outsource, ever. All of our work is carried out in-house by people you can personally meet.

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