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No matter how cleverly branded or well-designed your website is, it is nothing but a pretty image on your monitor if nobody else can find it. Using SEO, we can help your website reach people already searching for business, products and services like yours. This is the power of inbound marketing. Don’t force your way into a market, instead appeal to searchers who are already looking to buy goods or hire services from you.

We have built our SEO on with the principles of inbound marketing in focus. Does your website answer the information and service questions or product searches by your prospective customers? We will ensure that it does. When a person searches the web, search engines match websites in their indexes against that keywords to find those that best answer it. We match your web presence to how your prospective customers search for companies like yours to increase your chances of getting found when you are being searched for.

There is a lot of ‘pretend’ SEO on the Gold Coast SEO scene, but we are different. Our work is visible and transparent. We always work hard; always looking for new ways of improving your website. You can always see what work we are doing, as we keep on updating your website.

Our Gold Coast SEO Services:

Domain Checks

Does your domain name appear trustworthy? Maybe it does not reflect the nature of your business very well? The age of your domain can also be a factor in your website's ranking ability. We check the SEO sensitive aspects of your domain name to develop a strategy to overcome any such problems.

Hosting Checks

Your web hosting provider could be serving your website from a location far from your actual place of business. Worse yet they could be serving it far from where your target audience is. Your host could be limiting the server resources allocated to your website and limit the ability of your pages to show content to visitors. We can assess all these elements to work with your host in resolving any such issues. We typically only recommend moving away as a last resort, and we are always happy to make recommendations that suit a range of budgets.

Back-link Profile Checks

Non-technical SEO agencies tend to build wholesale back-links to your website, hoping to directly influence search engine rankings. Link building of this kind is generally against the guidelines of major search engines. Bad link building may earn you a penalty or even get your website delisted from the index. In a sense, if you cannot be found on the web, you virtually cease to exist. We find out where your brand is displayed and how. We review your link profile for problems to address them.

Regular Auditing

Working on your website, adding pages, uploading content, installing plugins, tweaking and making changes, may create problems affecting the quality of your website from the search engine perspective. Our automated website audit runs monthly crawls of your website to tell us if anything new needs fixing.

Technical SEO

Working to improve the technical quality of your website is the basis of our approach to SEO. We focus on technical SEO. We find and fix broken links, amend your redirections, improve your website's linking structure, speed it up, optimise your sitemaps and much, much more. There is no filler in the work we do, every action we take, every decision that we make in recommending changes to your website is informed and serves to accomplish a clearly defined goal.

Content Checks

No doubt your website reflects how you understand your services, products or your business, but consider if your target audience uses the same words to search for what you sell or do. Searching the web is a question-answer exchange. With comprehensive keyword research at the start of your campaign, we inform ourselves on what content your website should have, what key phrases and words should it use, and how to structure it. We check if all of the search engine optimisations sensitive elements of your are site optimised, to make sure that they are.

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Our SEO agency is a team of committed professionals, with more than a decade of experience in advertising, marketing, business and e-commerce each.

We are all experienced individuals who understand what your business means to you and why you do it. We never outsource, ever. Our work is done in-house by real people you can, and are always welcome to, meet personally.

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Frequently Asked Search Engine Optimisation Questions

How Do I Start?

Are you visiting on mobile? Just tap the phone icon in the bottom right corner or touch here: 1300 659 035 to call now.

You may also use Facebook Messenger in the bottom right corner of this page to send us a message on Facebook or just complete the contact form on this page; we will get back to you as soon as we can. If you find this message on Google Search, first, please click through to our website.

Will SEO Work for my Business?

Our SEO has a verified track record of achieving goals for businesses in industries ranging from medical, legal, e-commerce and retail to services and trades. Your business performance is not always a priority for search engines, but it is in our best interest. We believe that your success is our success.

We will do everything and anything we can to improve your traffic and rankings as much as possible. SEO can often be a long process, though. If you require a shorter-term solution, we recommend our pay-per-click google advertising service for improved visibility when you need it the most.

Do I Need SEO?

SEO is for you if you would like to improve your rankings in as many search engines as possible and increase the traffic to your website. If your business model does not depend on web traffic, you may still want to take advantage of the benefits search engine optimisation provides. Get in touch with us to learn how increased online visibility of your business can help to improve your long term bottom-line.

If your Google Ads or Social Media Marketing efforts are performing well, consider adding SEO. SEO always works better as a part of a broader online marketing campaign. Check out our other digital marketing services and speak to us about a complete digital package.

What CMS Can You Work With?

We’re happy to work with almost any reasonably modern content management system (CMS )as well with custom-made or hardcoded websites as long as we are given the access to modify them. For clients who are fans of WordPress like us, our WordPress SEO expert and a WordPress SEO consultant are each a Yoast SEO expert with a track record of achieving results and ranking increases on WordPress website campaigns. Our trusted website design service can even help if you would like to move your current site to WordPress or if still, you need one built.

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