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Effective SEO is about quality content, social media integration, conducting thorough keyword research and integrating results into your website. With both local and web-based businesses building their marketing assets on the same platform, now’s the time to make sure you’re getting the most out of your site – which is where out SEO Cairns specialists can help.

Our processes are built on inbound marketing, ensuring that your website provides information that your clients are looking for. When a user searches a keyword online, search engines quickly crawl through millions of pages to showcase results that best match that query. The art of search engine optimisation is figuring out what a user is looking for and creating content around those keywords. But it’s not as simple as just placing words on a page; SEO covers multiple areas – including local, onsite, offsite and technical. Our SEO Cairns specialists match your web presence to how people search, helping you to vastly improve your chances of ranking higher and becoming found in the increasingly competitive market.

There is currently quite a lot of ‘SEO theatre’ on the SEO Cairns scene, but at Resurge Digital, we’re committed to being transparent with expectations and results. We work hard on delivering the best results possible, actively researching new techniques that can improve your website’s visibility. Read on to learn more about the SEO company Cairns business owners trust to rank higher or give us a call on 1300 659 035 to get started today.

Cairns SEO Services:

We start your search engine optimisation strategy by conducting comprehensive research of your online presence, including your website, content, and extensive technical elements. We’re quick to discard approaches that aren’t working, ensuring time, money and resources are only spent on techniques that generate positive results. Below are just a few of the elements we look at during our SEO audit of your website:

Domain Assessment

Your domain name is one of the first things users will see on your website. Is it accurate? Does it reflect the legitimate nature of your business? We can perform an analysis that will help you determine if your domain is having a negative impact on your site's ability to rank and come up with a strategy to fix any problems we find.

Hosting Checks

Hosting can make or break your website. With our host assessment program, we'll run a complete check of all specifications on your site and any limitations in hosting or storage configuration. Then, we'll evaluate your website's performance under pressure to ensure it's sufficient for your needs and if you're ready for new hosting, we'll find you the best solution.

Technical SEO

At Resurge Digital, technical SEO is our speciality. This involves continuously improving the technical aspects of your website, such as fixing broken links, optimising URL's, optimising content with internal linking, increasing website, structured data and more. Every action we take is informed and part of a larger strategy, ensuring we only make changes that we know will generate a positive result.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the first things we do as part of our SEO strategy, as it provides the framework for everything we do. This looks at finding common keywords and phrases your target audience uses to find products or services like yours and crafting a content strategy around every offering – including landing pages, blogs, Google ads and social media.

Content Analysis

The content analysis looks at the current content you have on your website and if it accurately answers user enquiries. This includes analysing existing content to see it can be optimised with keywords and extending it to meet a higher count and creating brand new landing pages and blogs centred on keyword research.

Ongoing Content Strategy

Did you know that search engines prefer to show websites with updated content? This is because up to date information is viewed as more factual and relevant, which is why it’s so important to update the content on your website consistently. We do this by regularly writing and uploading blogs on frequently searched queries related to your business and restructuring and updating the existing content on landing pages. Though it’s easy to view blogs as an unnecessary addition to a website, we’ve found that long term clients are frequently discovered online through articles and posts.

Backlink Profiling

When it comes to links, not all links are created equal, and simply having the details of your business on as many platforms as possible can harm the legitimacy of your website. This form of link building can impact your website’s ranking as it goes against the guidelines of many major search engines. We conduct a thorough audit to see where your details may be displayed and address these problems before commencing strong, quality link building.

Backlink Profile Expansion

We firmly believe in quality over quantity with link building, which is why we focus on finding relevant, trusted websites to link to. This approach is vastly different from other agencies, as we instead put time and resources into improving your website’s technical aspects and content quality. In fact, some of our best performing, competitive SEO Cairns campaigns have reached top results without any artificial links. Our processes are built on proof and in accordance with search engines’ stringent guidelines to ensure your website won’t be penalised. Though Google itself has suggested getting links shared by appearing on the news or having other websites share blogs, we know this can be very difficult to implement for a small business. This is why we have cultivated a list of accessible resources in-house to help increase exposure without risk of penalisation.

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A genuine SEO Company Cairns business owners trust to deliver results.

Are you having trouble getting visitors to your website and generating leads for your business? Get in touch with Resurge Digital today for more information on Cairns SEO Services. Call 1300 659 035 to chat with a SEO Agency Cairns specialist.

Our SEO Company Cairns team is comprised of passionate individuals who are all experts in their field and carried in house. This commitment to quality is why we have many long-term clients who trust us to grow not only their web presence but also grow their business. 

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Frequently Asked SEO Questions

If you would like to rank higher in as many search engines as possible to increase your website traffic and awareness, then SEO is for you. If your business does not depend on online traffic, you will still benefit from SEO, thanks to the increased online visibility of your business.

If your Google Ads campaigns or Social Media Marketing campaigns are already performing well, you may want to consider adding SEO so that your eggs are not all in the same basket. SEO always works better as a part of a broader online marketing strategy, and we encourage you to explore our other digital marketing services.

We are generally able to work with any reasonably modern content management system and with custom-built websites. If you own a WordPress website, we have a WordPress SEO expert and a WordPress SEO consultant at Resurge Digital. Each is a Yoast SEO expert with a track record of delivering results and keyword ranking improvements for WordPress websites. 

Our reliable web design service can help you, if you would like to move an existing website to WordPress or if you need a website built from scratch.

Our SEO methodology has a proven track record of delivering results for clients in industries ranging from medical, legal, retail and e-commerce to trades and services (and more). Your best interests and the performance of your business is not always a priority for search engines, but it is for us. At Resurge Digital, your success is our success.

We will do anything and everything we can to improve your rankings and traffic as much as possible. Search Engine Optimisation is often a long process. If you require a shorter-term solution, we recommend our PPC management service for visibility when it matters the most.

At Resurge Digital, we offer three tiers of SEO business plans: Silver starting at AU $1,500 per month, Gold from AU $2,500 per month, and Platinum beginning at AU $4,000 per month. If none of these options seem to suit your particular situation, please call us on 1300 659 035 to discuss your SEO needs with us. We can usually create a customised plan tailored to your circumstances.

If you’re visiting on mobile, please tap the telephone icon in the bottom left corner of this page or touch this number: 1300 659 035, to call us. To get started with Resurge, you can also use the Facebook Messenger icon in the bottom right corner of this page to send us an instant message or fill out the contact form on this page, and we will get back to you. If you see this message in Google Search results, please click through to our website first.

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