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Marketing employee analyzing marketing data | Featured image for Digital Marketing Trends 2021 Blog

Digital Marketing Trends 2021

Digital marketing is showing no signs of slowing down, which means businesses need to keep a finger on the pulse to rank high and perform well with audiences. much like with regular marketing, adaptations also need to be made for upcoming generations of audiences – an audience brought up on bite-sized media content is bound

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woman on tiktok infront of camera | Featured image for 5 Ways your Brand Can Use Tik Tok for Business Blog

5 Ways your Brand Can Use Tik Tok for Business

Tik Tok is fast becoming one of the most popular social media platforms, having amassed over 800 million users worldwide. Originally known as ‘’ Tik Tok was designed as a creative music app, where users would post music videos of themselves lip-syncing to popular songs. And though these styles of videos are still popular on

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A cartoon man tracking footprints | Google Leaving Australia and the News Media Bargaining Code Blog featured image

Google Leaving Australia and the News Media Bargaining Code

If you are a business owner for whom website enquiries or online sales are an important part of generating income, you have probably already heard the news about the possibility of Google leaving Australia if the proposed news media bargaining code were to become a law. The Covid-19 pandemic has already forced many business owners

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Graphic of team analysis Google ads data | Featured image for 'how to improve CTR in Google Ads'.

How to Improve CTR in Google Ads

When it comes to your digital marketing toolkit for small business, Google Ads offers the quickest solution to netting customers. Done correctly, you can expect to see results from your ad campaigns almost instantly – though conversely, a poorly planned campaign can eat away a large amount of your budget and cause negative effects to

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Website design template | Featured image for key elements of website design blog.

Key Elements of Website Design

A webpage is often the first impression a potential client or customer has of your business, so it’s important to get it right. And though it’s certainly not rocket science, there’s a certain art to creating a website that attracts, engages and converts potential customers – and it has nothing to do with eye catching

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Team graphic for online advertising | Featured image for google ads questions, a definitive guide.

Google Ads Questions – A Definitive Guide

Are you small business owner wondering what on earth Google Ads is all about? Not to worry, we’ve compiled a handy guide on the most asked Google Ad questions to help you. Whether you plan on setting up some ad campaigns yourself, or require a little bit of help from the experts, this guide will

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Graphic of man sitting on chair with social bubbles hovering over him | Featured image for ways to increase social presence.

6 Ways to Increase Social Media Presence in 2020

If you’ve got a business, chances are you’ve either thought about creating a social media presence or are looking to build audiences for the ones you have. But cultivating and maintaining an engaged audience is no easy feat considering a lot of other businesses are trying to do the exact same thing. Though it may

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Digital graphic of woman doing marketing towards a target | Featured image for questions to ask your seo agency.

Questions to Ask Your SEO Agency Before You Hire Them

Wondering what questions to ask your SEO agency? If your website doesn’t show in Google page results, it can be next to impossible to get clients or customers through online queries. To make your website more visible, you may opt for Google ads, which gives you top ad results for as long as you continue

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Man using multiple devices | Featured image for importance of mobile friendly websites.

Importance of Mobile Friendly Websites

In a rapidly evolving digital age, it’s important to keep up to date with consumer behaviour – both present and predicted. According to Statistica, mobile internet use officially surpassed desktop use in 2016, and that trend is expected to keep growing. If you factor in the convenience of phone and the level of access (91%

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Top Social Media Marketing Tips.

Top Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media is a public way of showcasing your brand’s identity, so it’s very important to get it right. Though the common social media marketing (SMM) blunders such as posting too much, adding low resolution images or uploading eclectic misbranded content won’t severely damage your brand, it can make your business look unprofessional. Before you

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Digital marketing graphic | Featured image for Outsource Digital Marketing.

Why You Should Outsource Digital Marketing

If you’ve got a small business, it may be tempting to try and do all the digital marketing yourself or hire an in-house marketing person. But given there are so many different aspects of digital marketing, relying on one person to cover all bases may end up costing your business a lot more in the

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