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Robot SEO Infographic | Featured image for the ‘AI & SEO?’ blog by Resurge Digital.

AI and SEO – Trends, Tools, and Practicalities

As AI-based innovations continue to emerge, artificial intelligence is becoming more commonplace in many marketing-related jobs, sometimes as a helpful tool, and sometimes as a challenge. But how do AI and SEO interact? There are two perspectives we can consider here and on which we would like to focus in this article. Continue reading to

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Performance Max: Explained

Performance Max is a goal-based AI-powered campaign type that allows advertisers to access all google advertising channels and inventory from a single campaign. Performance Max helps drive campaign performance based on specified conversion goals, delivering more conversions and value by optimising performance in real-time and across all Google channels, using an element called Smart Bidding.

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Chatbot | Featured image for the ‘Chatbots For Your Business – Useful or Fad?’ blog by Resurge Digital.

Chatbots For Your Business – Useful or Fad?

If you have ever utilised a live chat on a website before, there is a good chance you have spoken to an automated chatbot. With artificial intelligence (AI) becoming more and more prevalent in society, more businesses are using the technology to communicate with their customers and guide them through their services. But is using

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Island Design | Featured image for the ‘Offshore SEO – Is it Worth the Risk?’ blog by Resurge Digital.

Offshore SEO – Is it Worth the Risk?

Owning and operating a business in the 21st century means you are reliant on technology and the internet like never before, making it vital to harness SEO (search engine optimisation) to place your business in the best position for success. Good SEO puts you in front of as many potential customers as possible, which in

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Interactive user experience | Featured image for the ‘What is Interactive Website Content?’ blog by Resurge Digital.

What is Interactive Website Content? | Resurge Digital

When bringing users to your website it is important to keep them engaged so they stick around long enough to process the information you are conveying or products you are selling. We all have experience with websites that we have quickly closed due to boring design and lacking content, instead searching for a more visually

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Google Ads Manager Infographic | Featured image for the Google Ads Suspended Account blog by Resurge Digital.

Common Reasons for a Google Ads Suspended Account

It’s not something anybody wants, but it can happen to almost anyone with a business presence online. Your Google Ads account is suspended, and you’re not sure why. This is the situation most people find themselves in. Few people intentionally sell things that will generate automatic suspensions – so for the vast majority of sellers,

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Conversion tracking infographic | | Featured image for the Importance of Conversion Tracking blog by Resurge Digital.

The Importance of Conversion Tracking

As Google Analytics bids adieu to data collection, businesses are now getting used to the new and improved version Google Analytics 4 (GA4). One of the cornerstones of GA4’s capabilities that businesses need to get on board with is conversion tracking, an indispensable tool that empowers businesses to grasp user actions, refine marketing approaches, and

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Ecommerce infographic | Featured image for The Best eCommerce Platform for Small Business blog by Resurge Digital.

The Best eCommerce Platform for Small Business

In the ever-evolving landscape of online commerce, finding the best eCommerce platform for small business solutions can be both exhilarating yet overwhelming. As entrepreneurs harness the power of digital storefronts to reach a nationwide or even global audience, the importance of selecting the right platform cannot be overstated. From a streamlined approach to user experience

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Backlink infographic | Featured Image for Key Reasons for Lost Backlinks Blog.

Key Reasons for Lost Backlinks

In the world of Search Engine Optimisation, backlinks hold a paramount position. They serve as one of the building blocks of an effective SEO strategy, boosting your website’s authority and credibility. However, the digital landscape does not come without its challenges, one such being the loss of backlinks. In this blog, and as a trusted

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SEO infographic | Featured image for the Is SEO Worth It blog by Resurge Digital.

Digital Marketing Explained: Is SEO Worth It?

As business navigate the dynamic world of digital marketing, there is one question that persists: is SEO worth it? Search Engine Optimisation continues to evolve as a pivotal driver of online success, empowering businesses to amplify their digital presence, target potential customers the right way, and boost their bottom line. Before diving into the benefits

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Infographic of blogger using content management systems | Featured image for The Best Content Management Systems for Small Business blog by Resurge Digital.

The Best Content Management Systems for Small Business

In today’s rapidly advancing digital age, having a strong online presence is pivotal for any small business aiming to thrive and reach its target audience effectively. One of the key fundamentals to achieving this is a robust Content Management System (commonly referred to as a CMS) that streamlines content creation, organisation, and publishing. At Resurge

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