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Tips to Get More Google Reviews | Featured Image for the How to Get More Google Reviews blog on Resurge Digital.

How to Get More Google Reviews for Your Business

When it comes to potential clients searching for your business online, they almost always turn to Google. Along with showcasing your Google business profile and location, the search engine also shows reviews that customers have left for your business.

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Graphic of good and bad reviews | Featured Image for the How Google Reviews Affect Business on the Web blog on Resurge Digital.

How Google Reviews Affect Business on the Web

They’ve become a part of our lives – they’re everywhere, and they are a powerful input to countless purchasing decisions. Because of their tremendous reach and impact, when we ask someone for product advice – the time-honoured word of mouth – our friend is very likely to have formed their opinion at least partly based

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Man interacting with phone | Featured image for the ‘Creating Interactive Web Pages & Improving Your User Engagement’ blog by Resurge Digital.

Creating Interactive Web Pages & Improving Your User Engagement

With most businesses featuring some degree of an online presence these days, it has never been harder to stand out from the crowd. Australians are present online now more than ever before, meaning they are trained to jump from content to content without a second thought. To combat passive scrolling, creating interactive web pages is

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2022 to 2023 Change Infographic | Featured image for the Is SEO in 2023 still Fundamental? blog by Resurge Digital.

Is SEO in 2023 Fundamental to Your Business’ Online Presence?

The concern over search engine optimisation and its efficacy is a common one. In fact, just last year we ourselves have discussed at length the eternal question of “Is SEO Still Relevant”. A year has passed and now, in the closing months of 2023, leveraging our extensive hands-on experience with SEO in 2023, we take

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SEO infographic | Featured image for the ‘How Long Does SEO Take to Work – Creating Practical Timelines’ blog by Resurge Digital.

How Long Does SEO Take to Work?

One of the most common questions we encounter from our prospective and newly signed clients is “how long does SEO take to work?”. We frequently read platitudes such as “SEO is a marathon and not a sprint” when we see SEO timelines discussed on the web, but is it always the case that SEO takes

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Robot SEO Infographic | Featured image for the ‘AI & SEO?’ blog by Resurge Digital.

AI and SEO – Trends, Tools, and Practicalities

As AI-based innovations continue to emerge, artificial intelligence is becoming more commonplace in many marketing-related jobs, sometimes as a helpful tool, and sometimes as a challenge. But how do AI and SEO interact? There are two perspectives we can consider here and on which we would like to focus in this article. Continue reading to

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Performance Max: Explained

Performance Max is a goal-based AI-powered campaign type that allows advertisers to access all google advertising channels and inventory from a single campaign. Performance Max helps drive campaign performance based on specified conversion goals, delivering more conversions and value by optimising performance in real-time and across all Google channels, using an element called Smart Bidding.

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Chatbot | Featured image for the ‘Chatbots For Your Business – Useful or Fad?’ blog by Resurge Digital.

Chatbots For Your Business – Useful or Fad?

If you have ever utilised a live chat on a website before, there is a good chance you have spoken to an automated chatbot. With artificial intelligence (AI) becoming more and more prevalent in society, more businesses are using the technology to communicate with their customers and guide them through their services. But is using

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Island Design | Featured image for the ‘Offshore SEO – Is it Worth the Risk?’ blog by Resurge Digital.

Offshore SEO – Is it Worth the Risk?

Owning and operating a business in the 21st century means you are reliant on technology and the internet like never before, making it vital to harness SEO (search engine optimisation) to place your business in the best position for success. Good SEO puts you in front of as many potential customers as possible, which in

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Interactive user experience | Featured image for the ‘What is Interactive Website Content?’ blog by Resurge Digital.

What is Interactive Website Content? | Resurge Digital

When bringing users to your website it is important to keep them engaged so they stick around long enough to process the information you are conveying or products you are selling. We all have experience with websites that we have quickly closed due to boring design and lacking content, instead searching for a more visually

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Google Ads Manager Infographic | Featured image for the Google Ads Suspended Account blog by Resurge Digital.

Common Reasons for a Google Ads Suspended Account

It’s not something anybody wants, but it can happen to almost anyone with a business presence online. Your Google Ads account is suspended, and you’re not sure why. This is the situation most people find themselves in. Few people intentionally sell things that will generate automatic suspensions – so for the vast majority of sellers,

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