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How Google Reviews Affect Business on the Web

They’ve become a part of our lives – they’re everywhere, and they are a powerful input to countless purchasing decisions. Because of their tremendous reach and impact, when we ask someone for product advice – the time-honoured word of mouth – our friend is very likely to have formed their opinion at least partly based on a Goggle review, although they may not tell us about it. We are influenced by Google Reviews even when we’re not aware of it. The Google phenomenon has come so far that when we ask how Google Reviews affect business performance, it’s almost like asking how water affects the ocean.

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Ask A Friend (Or Someone You’ve Never Met)

People have always trusted the word of those most like themselves. It’s human nature. While the person who writes a Google Review might have almost nothing personal in common with the person reading it, there is an invisible bond. Both reviewer and potential buyer are consumers – not sellers. The reviewer (in the best case) is not trying to move product, and probably has no incentive to be short with the truth. Since the two parties never meet, whatever personal differences they may have are not part of the equation.

The power is in their common experience. The basic level of trust is higher than when a buyer is dealing with an acknowledged sales presentation of any kind. This is true when a buyer asks a friend for advice, but the circumstances and global scope of Google Reviews create a revolution in sales.

Why Would Anyone Want to Review Your Product or Service?

We can depend on most everyone liking the idea of being listened to. Once again, it’s just human nature. Knowing, or even thinking, that someone half a world away paid attention and took your advice creates a nice warm feeling – to get technical, it’s a mini dopamine rush. So we could say that people are actually biologically prepared to be Google Review writers. They just don’t know it. All they need is the idea to do so, and something to write about. Why not your product or service? All you have to do is ask in the right way.

Motivating Your Extended Sales Force

In the new marketing world, customer engagement includes bringing them onboard through direct involvement and exchange – signing up for an account, receiving email and texts from your company, getting information about your business and products, and taking advantage of members-only promotions you may offer. For most people, being part of a positive, inclusive group is important. That is why we seek out friends.

Your customers become your extended group of friends, and they can become an extended sales force – if your product and service are and remain positive for them. The people who write the best, most convincing and spontaneous reviews are reacting strongly to a highly engaging experience – make it a good one, communicate with your customers, and the reviews and new sales will roll in.

Proceeding To the Sale

A buyer’s decision to commit to a purchase rarely happens in one step. They have the interest, they get information, they look for confirmation – and that is where Google Reviews come into play. The more remote or complex a product may be, the more important the experience of those who have already used the product will become.

Direct online sales require buyers to commit to something they can’t hold in their hands until after they’ve paid for it. Online marketing services have to motivate buyers sufficiently to transition them from browsing to contacting the seller, or even going to a location to learn more. The word of a trustworthy source is a key driver for a majority of online buyers. The last leg of a buyer’s journey to the sale is strongly supported by the recommendation of previous buyers and users of the product – which shows how Google Reviews affect business in the clearest terms.

But Don’t Try This at Home

Any effort involving people is usually going to be more complicated than it first appears. It is not a small commitment to be in the online marketplace. Your firm’s image and reputation will be in the spotlight. A mistake online is by definition not local, and the internet never forgets. There have been some recent missteps in online marketing and image creation that were rather spectacular. Incidents like this dramatically illustrate the critical importance of getting trustworthy, experienced advice in this fast-moving, highly dynamic area.

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