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Is Shopping with AI the Future?

When it comes to shopping both online and in-store, AI is set to have a big impact on shaping the experience and the retail industry in general. Shopping with AI has been growing in the retail market for quite some time, with this initiative set to explode in popularity and innovation. Whether it is assisting customers with their purchases or informing retailers of trends and changes in their customers shopping habits, AI in shopping is set to become the new normal for the retail industry. This also has implications for digital marketing and web design, affecting how retail outlets best present themselves online.

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How Shopping with AI is Changing the Industry

Personalised Service

We have all experienced targeted advertising, where we are sent ads based on products and services, we might be interested in based on our search history. AI in shopping is much the same, using the data and purchase history of customers to show them goods they may be interested in purchasing. Beyond this, their data is also stored to streamline the purchasing process, making it easier than ever before to check out without needing to scramble for log-in information or credit card numbers.

Virtual Assistants

Have you ever visited a website and been greeted by someone offering to help with your browsing experience, no matter the time of day? This is called a virtual assistant, and they are the online equivalent of a store greeter, conveniently located to welcome customer and guide them to what they are looking for. This also helps visitors avoid having to contact staff directly for queries, saving time for everyone. These virtual assistants can be a valuable tool when it comes to digital marketing, as they help to increase engagement on your website.

Inventory Management

In the past, retail stores would have to rely on annual stocktake counts to verify their stock levels. Rather than having to keep staff around until 11pm counting stock individually, AI in shopping handles inventory management for you. Each item that leaves or enters your store is tracked, allowing business owners to track exactly how much stock they have of each product. This is invaluable for ensuring you are never caught off-guard when a product sells out, as you can set custom notifications to alert you and reorder more stock when product counts fall below a certain threshold.

Smart Pricing

Everyone loves to hunt a bargain, whether it is on something we have had our eyes on for a while or something that is simply too cheap to pass up. AI uses data-driven algorithms to scour the supply and demand of the market, determining which items are the most desired and the best price to entice a purchase. These price changes and promotions are conducted in real-time as new items become popular, ensuring those who rely on AI for their business are never left behind due to being blindsided by shifting demands in the market.

Visual Search

Advancements in shopping with AI now allow shoppers to search for products using images rather than just text. This is especially useful if they are after a specific clothing item but are unaware of the exact name or brand. With this innovation in mind, it is important to create web design that showcases images of your products, allowing customers to engage with your service in this new way. Having a website that is visually appealing is also a great way to catch the eye of prospective customers, enticing them to stay on your site longer while engaging with your services.

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