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How Long Does SEO Take?

At Resurge Digital, we regularly have clients asking us ‘how long does SEO take?’ and what can be done to improve Google search results. Rather than promise guaranteed first page results in a matter of months, we like to explain to our clients that SEO can take a while to work, especially if the business is in a competitive industry. To explain the process in further detail, we thought we’d look at the common factors that help improve website SEO.

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How long does SEO take? What can I do to improve website SEO?

The age of your website

If your website is new, it might take a little bit longer to improve Google ranking. This is because it hasn’t yet established ‘authority’ with Google’s algorithm. Imagine a website is a resume – the longer the history and the more credible the sources, the more likely it’ll get Google’s attention. Though it’s long been debated what Google considers an authoritative source, the age of a domain, building links from authoritative sites and having a good user experience, all heavily contribute. If your website is new, it can take up to a year to improve website SEO.

The competition

When it comes to answering, ‘How Long Does SEO Take?’, competition is undoubtedly one of the biggest factors. For example, if you sell a niche product or service with few competitors, you can expect a website to rank well in just a few months. Comparatively, a high competition keyword, such as ‘lawyer Brisbane’, could take up to a year to rank on the first page – or even longer, depending on how aggressive competitor tactics are.

Link building

Though link building can be quite time consuming, it helps to establish your website as a credible source. The idea of link building is to have other websites link back to yours, whether it’s by adding your business to web directories or writing guest blogs. However, be sure to note that Google cracks down hard on websites that employ ‘black hat’ techniques, such as link farming, buying links or low-quality guest posting. Google will also be on alert for any abrupt increase in rankings, which is often a sure sign of ranking manipulation.  

Website issues

All the onsite SEO tactics in the world can’t significantly improve Google search results if the website is filled with problems. At Resurge Digital, improving website quality is an integral part of our SEO strategy. This is known as ‘technical SEO’ and involves everything from changing the site’s structure and navigation to fixing crawler issues and adding structured data.

Time and effort

The more time and effort spent with SEO, the better the results. If you’re in a highly competitive industry with aggressive competitors, you’ll need to increase your digital marketing efforts to both earn a spot on the first page and retain it. Throw into the mix an ever-changing search algorithm, and those who slow down on their SEO can quickly find themselves falling in rankings. If you want to improve Google ranking, you’ll need to be consistent with your efforts.

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