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Is SEO Still Relevant in 2022

If you have had any experience with search engine optimisation as a business owner, operator or a key decision maker, and even as a digital marketing agency professional, you may have asked yourself questions like “Is SEO Still Relevant in 2022?” or “do you NEED SEO?” in the past. We often hear questions like these at pre-sales meetings with prospective clients who may have had a previous SEO experience that did not deliver the outcomes they were hoping for. This in turn, makes them question the relevance of SEO in general. So, is SEO still relevant in 2022? Continue reading to learn more.

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Is SEO Still Relevant in 2022?

If you are questioning “is SEO still relevant in 2022”,  our answer is  that absolutely it is, and there are good reasons for it.

For one, it is still perfectly possible to not only improve the ranking positions of a website for multiple commercially attractive keywords which will drive prospective customers to its pages, it is still completely possible to put most websites on at least the first page of Google and even in the top 3 through search engine optimisation. In short, SEO still works and delivers measurable, commercial outcomes for owners of business websites.

Second, the requirements that need to be met for a website to rank well change frequently. In fact, Google has recently started more openly disclosing this information by officially publishing a history of the confirmed ranking algorithm updates. You will notice that these updates are carried out several times per year, and looking at the previous year of 2021 alone, as often as ten times per annum. Each time Google updates its ranking algorithms, the SEO goal posts are moved, and more often than not, no specific information on what has changed and how is given. It is not in Google’s interest to make their ranking criteria clear and available to the public – if everyone knew exactly what they need to do to rank in position 1 for any given keyword, everyone would do it, making it impossible to rank web pages in any order at all. To simplify, if 10,000 websites are good enough to be in position 1, who would Google put in that position? This is why ranking algorithm specifics are communicated so opaquely by Google and it is precisely why it takes trained and experienced SEO professionals to stay in the game. In fact, one of the most important ranking factors on the web right now are proven and successful SEO professionals themselves, with their experience, expertise, the ability to conduct research, test ideas and develop as well as maintain reliable methods for a sustainable delivery of SEO outcomes.

The fact that SEO works perfectly fine even in 2022 as a method of delivering improved commercial outcomes for business websites and their owners, combined with the need for ongoing research into what works, makes it still relevant as a digital marketing method, but even more so as a valuable service and a rewarding profession.

Do YOU Need SEO?

SEO is still the most efficient way of improving your website traffic from organic search (as opposed to paying for pay-per-click links) and if you want to increase the number of people finding your business when searching the web this way, you do indeed need SEO. If your business does not completely depend on online traffic – for example, if you already have another successful way of bringing customers to your website – you will still benefit from SEO thanks to the increased online visibility of your web pages.

The SEO method we develop and maintain at Resurge Digital, has a proven track record of delivering results for clients in a wide range of industries, from small and medium sized businesses through large organisations, non-profits to even government agencies. Your best interests and the business outcomes generated by your website are not always a priority for search engines, but they are for us. This is why we continue to work on making sure that the way we do SEO works and continues to be relevant now and into the future.

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