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Reasons You Should Be Doing Blog Marketing

Digital marketing is rapidly changing, but one tactic that’s always remained a critical element of an online business strategy is blogging. Though many people assume blog marketing is old hat, we find it’s one of the most crucial components of SEO, and one of the cheapest and most effective ways of ranking a business higher in search results. In today’s blog, we take a deep dive into reasons why you need a blog if you want your business to get noticed.

Why have a blog on your website #1: Boost your SEO

Blog marketing is incredibly important to an SEO strategy, as search engines love fresh, updated content. When a website is consistently uploading blogs, search engines have new pages to crawl and index. Blogs also provide the opportunity for keyword placement, allowing business owners to craft content around commonly searched terms that link back to associated pages.

Why have a blog on your website #2: Establish your business as a thought leader

When proper keyword research is undertaken to determine what your customers are searching for, crafting a blog strategy can help cement your company as an industry leader. Or you may want to jump on emerging trends and industry news, to show your customers that your finger is on the pulse. For example, a digital marketing agency may write a blog on one of Instagram’s newest features or educate visitors on the dos and don’ts of designing a user-friendly website. Educational blogs can help make your website the go to source of information, which helps to establish your business as an industry heavyweight.

Why have a blog on your website #3: Attract new clients

Blogs can vastly improve your SEO, which helps to attract new clients who may be searching for words related to your business offering. Something as simple as searching a question related query can result in a lead i.e., a timber company may create a blog about the dos and don’ts of building a cubby house, with a call to action prompting the user to buy timber.

Why you need a blog #4: Create content for social media

It can be difficult sourcing content for social media, especially if you aim to post multiple times a week. Often, business owners’ resort to linking to external sources, which though helps to pad out social content, doesn’t result in leads to the website. Regularly creating blog content allows you to repurpose it for all your social media channels and gives viewers more opportunities to interact.

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Why you need a blog #5: Create opportunities for sharing

Though liking and commenting on a blog is a good result, the greatest form of engagement is sharing. This creates the opportunity for exponential market growth, as there are many different sharing platforms available, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or email – all at no cost to your business.

Why you need a blog #6: Advertise without being too salesy

Blog marketing provides a clever alternative to pushy sales tactics, as you can showcase your services or products in a much more subtle way. This is done by creating content that aims to help or educate a user searching for a query, whilst providing links to relatable services/products within the text. For example, this blog on blog marketing showcases why adding a blog to a website is crucial for SEO and also gives readers a call to action by prompting them to enlist the help of a Brisbane SEO agency to get started on their blog strategy 😉

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