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What is Google My Business & How to Use Google My Business Effectively

What is Google My Business for?

Wondering what is Google My Business? GMB is a tool that allows you to customise how your business is shown on Google. Once you’ve created a business account, you’ll be able to add details such as location, business hours, photos and posts, and reply to customer/client reviews. It allows you to reach more customers and keep them up to date with any changes to your business or current offers and promotions.

How to Use Google My Business? Getting verified.

Considering anyone can set up a Google My Business profile and claim your business, Google won’t let you update information to your profile without verifying your business. This includes confirming the physical address of your business and whether you have the authorisation to claim that listing.

What Are the Common Ways You Can Verify Your Business?

  • Standard mail: Google will deliver a postcard to the address of your business with a 5-digit code into the appropriate field.
  • Email: An email will be sent to your business email address with a link for you to enter 5-digit code.
  • Phone: you have the option to get a call or automated text to your phone with a 5-digit code.

Unfortunately, verifying your business with GMB is notoriously tricky, as some verification options might not be available. Many business owners even cite that it takes several times to verify their business or issues with bulk verifications if they operate franchises in different locations. However, despite sometimes being a difficult process, the positives of having a GMB listing far outweigh the initial hassle.

What is Google My Business for and what information does it need?

When it comes to using Google My Business, you’ll need to enter the following information to claim and optimise your profile:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Service area
  • Business category
  • Phone number
  • Website URL

How to Use Google My Business? What can I do?

After you’ve completed filling out all the information GMB needs to verify your business, you can start to create business posts. These posts can be used to share information, such as linking to a blog, offer a promotion or even advertise an event. You can then customise your posts with CTA’s that send the customer to your linked page. This might be a ‘book now’, ‘sign up’ or ‘learn more.’

Other regular updated that can help include, updating your photos frequently (you can use images you’ve shared on your social platforms), actively responding to reviews (positive & negative – but keep it professional) and updating services & products sections (typically each page on your website can be added a separate service or product).

What Are the Benefits of Using Google My Business?

1. GMB is free

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest benefits of using Google My Business is that it gives customers an insight into your business for free. This includes a rundown on what your business offers, your business hours, phone number, reviews and more. You also have the option to regular post photos of your products and services, and post offers and promotions as often as you’d like.

2. GMB allows your business to appear in maps

If you a service-based company, having your business listed on GMB is crucial to gaining customers. This is because it makes your business easier to find and increases volume from proximity-based searches. Maps also give you the option to list photos of your offerings which can help rank higher in Google maps and subsequently, Google search too. Photos are a great way to entice potential customers and offers a pleasing visual representation of your business.

3. GMB allows people to leave reviews

If you want your business to appear high in results, having a high number of reviews can significantly boost your rankings. Not only does it improve search results, but studies suggest the average shopper is more influenced by reviews than one would think – with good reviews increasing sales by up to 18%. Reviews are viewed as a credible source of information, as they’re typically not sponsored. This may encourage a prospective buyer to feel more confident about the product or service, influencing them to choose your business over another.

4. GMB can be part of your SEO strategy

Optimising your website with different types of SEO is key to rising in the search ranks, and local SEO is one of the most effective. When you search a keyword such as ‘bakery near me’, Google will typically show you picture of a map following by three results – also known as a ‘snack pack.’ According to a study on local SEO, up to 33% of clicks go towards the top three business listings which leads to substantially higher leads. So, how do you get into Google’s exclusive snack pack? Making the most out of your GMB listing is one of the biggest ways you can get Google’s attention, and will involve making sure your business information and category is correct and reviews are responded to. Ideally, you want to be attacking your SEO from all directions, including inbounds links from high authority sites, strong keyword optimisation and optimising your site to be mobile friendly.

Need help with your Google My Business listing?

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning what is Google My Business & how to use it effectively. As you can see, GMB is an essential part of your business’ online presence, as it makes it easier for customers to find you online. If you require more information on how to use Google My Business effectively, be sure to reach out to our team at Resurge Digital by calling us on 1300 659 035, emailing [email protected] or getting in touch online to get started. We can help you with leading edge Google Ads management Brisbane wide and SEO Brisbane wide (and beyond).

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