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Key Reasons for Lost Backlinks

In the world of Search Engine Optimisation, backlinks hold a paramount position. They serve as one of the building blocks of an effective SEO strategy, boosting your website’s authority and credibility. However, the digital landscape does not come without its challenges, one such being the loss of backlinks. In this blog, and as a trusted digital marketing agency in Brisbane, we unpack what seems to be an anomaly of lost backlinks, the key reasons, and insights on how to prevent this from happening to you.

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Lost Backlinks: Understanding the Reasoning Behind Them

Change in Content or URL

One of the primary and most common reasons for backlinks being flagged as lost, can be attributed to major changes in content or URLs. When you alter the URL structure of a page, or make impactful changes to content, the backlinks that were previously pointing to said page become obsolete. Because of this, pages can suffer from significant loss in SEO value. There is a remedy, however, which comes in the form of implementing redirects (301 redirects) when it comes to your or anyone else making changes to content or URLs. This maintains the flow of link equity.

Unrenewed or Expired Domain

A domain that has not been renewed, or has actually become expired, can be considered disastrous for your backlink profile. If the domain that links to your site expires, the link will essentially ‘break’, resulting in lost link authority. This is why it’s imperative that you regularly monitor your backlink profile to identify any links originating from domains that are on the verge of expiration or reach out to the respective web developers to update the links to your domain. There is software out there that can flag expirations or broken links, but they come at a price of course. If it’s something you’re unsure of, trust web professionals such as Resurge Digital to take the burden off your shoulders.

Broken Links

Broken links are considered a detrimental threat to any website. These not only impact user experience but can also have a major impact on the SEO value of a website. If a backlink directs your website users to a page that doesn’t exist, or even an error page, it creates a negative user experience negatively impacts SEO efforts. To get around this, you can perform regular link audits, or engage a team of SEO and website professionals to identify and rectify broken or lost backlinks – it’s not an activity to take lightly and involves a number of software and a specific knowledge level.

Algorithm Updates & Penalties

Search engine algorithms are unfortunately subject to frequent updates, and what may have been considered a backlink of quality this entire time, may not meet current or updated standards. Additionally, if a website is actively engaging in practices that violate search engine guidelines and links to your site, you may be subject to penalties. This is why it’s important to regularly monitor your backlink profile and disavow links from spammy or low-quality sources to maintain your own websites credibility.

Linking Site’s Loss of Authority

Website authority, especially those that are linking to your own, plays nothing short of a crucial role in the value of your backlinks. If a linking site experiences what is called a ‘significant drop’ in authority, the backlink’s SEO value will diminish. There are ways to prevent this, including making a conscious effort to acquire backlinks from reputable and relevant sources that offer consistency in positive reputation when it comes to maintaining their authority.

Natural Link Attrition

Over time, or when businesses reach a certain capacity, websites can undergo content changes, a focal shift, rebranding, or simply evolving; this can lead to natural link attrition and, as a result, the removal of backlinks. Despite not being able to control every instance of natural attrition, focusing on consistently producing high-quality and valuable content can assist in attracting new backlinks as a form of compensation for lost backlinks.

There are a number of reasons that backlinks can become lots, and even more ways that this can be remedied to save the authority of your businesses website. Although it can be tempting to jump into the backend of your site and try to fix a few issues yourself, this can be detrimental if you lack the knowledge of what it takes to keep a site intact – which is exactly what digital marketing professionals, such as ourselves, are here to take care of.

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