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Mortgage Broker Marketing Strategies

As a mortgage broker, like other financial professionals, you have many priorities that demand your time and attention. One of the most important is marketing your services. Mortgage broker marketing can present some unique challenges because the product is your expertise and resources – these are intangibles, making them more complicated to spotlight.

In addition, your market of potential clients is highly diffused, and usually doesn’t start out knowledgeable about the mortgage process. They need to be guided when you’re working with them, and before that, they need to find out that your assistance is available.

Modern Digital Marketing for Mortgage Brokers

Traditional media channels have been used successfully by mortgage brokers, but costs are rising, and these broad-brush methods are not particularly efficient – the majority of people they reach will not be looking for a mortgage. In the past there were few marketing options, but today digital marketing for mortgage brokers has come into use. It offers many advantages over traditional media, particularly in its ability to locate, identify, and reach out directly to motivated individuals who can turn into happy customers.

Getting started on one’s own usually leads to issues of access and detailed knowledge. Good options and best practices are not obvious or well-publicised. Professional involvement is needed for the best results. Resurge Digital has extensive experience with digital marketing for mortgage brokers. It’s easy to take the first step toward profiting from our digital marketing services. Call us on 1300 659 035, e-mail [email protected] or enquire online.

 Let’s look at some of the major components of today’s updated mortgage broker marketing strategies.

Your Website

This will be your primary interface to clients – both current and potential. There’s a lot to unpack for a client involved in the mortgage process – they will seek information and guidance frequently. If your website is welcoming and highly informative, easy to navigate and nice to look at, they’ll be coming back to it time and time again. It’s highly desirable that your website be the product of experienced developers, designers, and writers who are familiar with marketing complex financial products to a generalised audience, and preferably have specific knowledge of marketing mortgages.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is probably the most interactive and least understood wide-scope narrow-cast advertising innovation currently available. Your potential client is searching for information online, they type in a phrase, and your particular link appears – they click on it, and find that your communication is relevant and informative. They follow up with direct contact, and a representative on your side takes it from there.

 The technical part behind the scenes is a search engine-based procedure to match you and your bid for the search with the profile of a potential client anywhere in the world making the search. This process gives instant visibility, and has an excellent record for leading to sales completions, but it is still not well-utilised by many firms that could benefit greatly. It can be an important part of digital marketing for mortgage brokers.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) uses a similar technical process to PPC, but in this case the potential client’s searches return results that highlight your online communication, typically in the form of a blog or information on your website. Once on your website, it is natural and typical for the searcher to click around and learn more about your business, so a dual purpose is served by giving a potential client highly relevant information, and also establishing a sales gateway. The search process is optimised to your advantage based on an understanding of the algorithmic structure of major online search engines – something which is always changing.

Social Media

Social media was thought of primarily as a diversion or entertainment in the early days, but its growth and development has shown that it has become a powerful sales tool. Its reach is enormous. Mortgages can be a great product for this space. Almost everyone eventually needs one, but almost nobody comes in the door knowing a lot about them. People start by looking to their friends and family for advice – and to their online community, making social media a natural part of mortgage broker marketing strategies. However, navigating this environment requires a thorough understanding and strong focus – it can also be time consuming to tune and optimise.

Resurge Digital – Bringing it All Together

As we can see, the world has changed, and today there are a lot of layers, aspects and moving parts to successful mortgage broker marketing strategies in the digital age. It can be tremendously effective, but really requires the best from dedicated professionals to make everything go right.

Call the team at Resurge Digital on 1300 659 035, e-mail [email protected] or enquire online for our expert help in getting the ball rolling. Resurge Digital – digital marketing services Brisbane is ready to go to work for you.

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