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Why You Should Outsource Digital Marketing

If you’ve got a small business, it may be tempting to try and do all the digital marketing yourself or hire an in-house marketing person. But given there are so many different aspects of digital marketing, relying on one person to cover all bases may end up costing your business a lot more in the long run. When you outsource your digital marketing to an agency, you’re not only saving on money and resources, but you’re also rapidly increasing the chances of your business reaching potential clients.

Five reasons why you should outsource digital marketing

Digital marketing specialists are qualified and trained to deliver results

Things like Google advertising and social media can seem easy at first, but both can end up draining money if not done correctly. It can also result in a lot of trial and error, which ends up putting a strain on resources. Or, worst case scenario, you could end up making a mistake that severely impacts the reputation of your company. When you outsource digital marketing to an agency, you’re dealing with a team of experts who specialise in creating and implementing marketing strategies that get results.

Digital marketing outsourcing companies save money, time and resources

Employees have salaries and even if you hire someone to come on part time, you’ll still end up paying quite a lot. If there’s not a lot of work available or it ends up being more on an ad hoc basis, your employee might end up not having enough to do. Additionally, hiring an employee also comes with large overheads such as payroll, leave entitlements and superannuation as well as the personal time required to manage additional staff. Given that a digital agency works with a client on an agreed set of hours it may be more beneficial to one’s bottom line to outsource digital marketing needs.

Digital marketing covers a lot of specialisations

Though we’re sure there are people out there who excel in multiple forms of digital marketing, finding someone who’s an expert in multiple marketing disciplines is rare. An average business will require the help of PPC specialist (Google ads), SEO specialist, content writer, graphic designer, and social media manager – just to name a few. Unless a company is willing to put the energy into finding freelancers for a multitude of projects or hiring a couple of full-time staff, its more cost-effective to outsource digital marketing.

Digital marketing outsourcing companies have access to the latest tools and technology

A digital agency has the latest tools and technology to not only track how your campaigns are performing but have an in depth understanding of what all that data means. They can then test and trial different marketing strategies and react accordingly.

Considering that marketing technology can costs thousands of dollars a month, digital agency outsourcing is a more cost-effective solution to managing and tracking marketing campaigns.

A digital agency keeps up to date with rapidly changing technologies

The digital marketing landscape is renowned for its ability to rapidly evolve, with tech giants such as Google and Facebook constantly changing their algorithms. So fast moving is this technology that a marketing strategy that may have reaped great results a year ago can quickly stagnant or not respond – which means the whole digital strategy must be updated to accommodate these changes.

Aside from algorithms, marketing trends are also quickly shifting. If your business is to remain competitive in the digital landscape, it must adapt quickly or risk falling in relevance. As it’s a digital marketer’s job to keep up to date with marketing technology and trends, digital marketing outsourcing to an agency ensures that your business stands out from the competition.

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