Performance Max: Explained

Performance Max is a goal-based AI-powered campaign type that allows advertisers to access all google advertising channels and inventory from a single campaign. Performance Max helps drive campaign performance based on specified conversion goals, delivering more conversions and value by optimising performance in real-time and across all Google channels, using an element called Smart Bidding. Performance Max combines Google AI technologies across bidding, budget optimisation, audiences, creatives, attribution and more. Continue reading below to understand the unique benefits of Performance Max, and how it can transform your Google advertising campaigns.

Benefits & Considerations of Performance Max


One of the main beneficial fundamentals of utilising Performance Max its use of all Google Advertising channels, such as: Search, YouTube, Display, Discover, Gmail, and Google Maps. Not only does this advertising option provide real time responses and conversion-focused optimisation, but it delivers users with a wide range of additional features such as:

Advanced Audience Targeting:

  • P-Max can target consumers based on broad interests and demographics data such as their age, sex, financial situation, parental status, education status, industry, homeowner status, current stage of life, and more.
  • Machine learning models are used to make more accurate predictions about which ads, audiences and creative combinations perform best for a business or anyone utilising P-Max.

Transparent Insights Provided

  • New insights, such as rising search trends, have the ability to help businesses or those utilising P-Max campaigns, to understand changes in performance and inform their broader business strategy/strategies.More options for headlines, descriptions, and long headlines (long headlines are not an option provided in any other format). Using this added space, advertisers have the ability to add reviews, providing an additional level of credibility to ads.
  • There is now the ability to target audiences based on URLs that users are landing on, therefore, providing access to hijack competitor traffic – assisting in the boost of advertising campaigns.


When moving over to use Performance Max campaigns, there are a few considerations to take on board. Once troubleshooting is complete, you will have found your own workaround for each of these points, making your advertising journey more seamless.

In comparison to Search Campaigns, Performance Max provides a lower level of control – however, in saying that, the additional fundamentals of P-Max entitle users to home in on their campaigns like never before. On the back of that, users will require high quality photo or video content for advertisements to be approved. This may seem frustrating, but in the end, quality assets are going to be a major plus for your campaign/s.

Additional considerations include:

  • Users were unable to add negative keywords to P-Max campaigns in the initial stages of the campaign rollout, however, negative keywords can now be used, allowing advertisers to narrow down their advertising audience even further.
  • There is limited control over bidding, meaning cost per conversions can be higher
  • There is an added automated bidding strategy, which allows users to add terms but not determine the exact amount bid In comparison to Search Campaigns.

Although there are differences from one campaign type to another, it’s good to keep in mind that both offer different strategies, different approaches, and their own benefits tailored to the campaign approach you prefer or require.

Why Resurge Digital Use Performance Max

At Resurge Digital, we utilise Performance Max campaign types to assist and boost existing campaigns within a Google ads account. We can capitalise on images and video creatives which work to engage users more than ads that are text based. We also have the ability to add reviews within long headlines to enhance credibility (to both a business and its ads) which provides us with faster results in comparison to Search Campaigns as it reaches more platform’s.

Alongside existing Search Campaigns, Performance Max are a great complementary campaign to run as they fill in opportunities for searches you could risk losing – helping you increase the potential for conversions across entire ads accounts. By implementing both of these campaign types, we are able to run a highly engaging campaign strategy for any user journey, while covering all bases.

Looking for High Quality Google Advertising?

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