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Chatbots For Your Business – Useful or Fad?

If you have ever utilised a live chat on a website before, there is a good chance you have spoken to an automated chatbot. With artificial intelligence (AI) becoming more and more prevalent in society, more businesses are using the technology to communicate with their customers and guide them through their services. But is using chatbots for your business a handy way to increase customer engagement, or is it a passing fad that risks alienating your clientele?

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What is a Business Chatbot?

Chatbots are automated programs designed to communicate with visitors on a website, fielding questions while guiding them to what they are they searching for. They typically try to emulate the feeling of speaking to a real person, sometimes even featuring a photo of a human to sell the illusion. It is hard to always be available to answer queries, which makes chatbots for small business particularly useful, as they are always online and ready to talk so you don’t have to be. They can provide a set list of options for customers to choose from or utilise more in-depth systems to engage in direct conversation with the client.

What Are the Benefits of Chatbots for Your Business?

Integrating a business chatbot into your website means visitors always have a welcoming presence able to answer their queries. If a visitor is unable to find what they are looking for they may bounce off your website, with chatbots designed to alleviate that problem. Chatbots never need to sleep, so they are always available to talk regardless of the time zone your potential customers reside in.

Chatbots for small business are especially helpful, as they provide an instant response and a degree of consistency when it comes to answers, so visitors aren’t confused by differing answers when speaking to different people. They can also be personalised to suit your exact requirements, from fielding questions to making sales on your behalf.

Is the Business Chatbot a Passing Fad?

We have all seen movies where AI enslaves humanity, which is why some people are hesitant to use chatbots. While they are useful for helping potential customers when you are not available, nothing can replace genuine human touch and interaction. If you pride yourself on owning a small, family-run business, chatbots for small business may betray your image and cause customers to look elsewhere.

While older generations are often hesitant to embrace technology, young people are much more likely to take advantage of new innovations as they become available. This means it is probably only a matter of time before chatbots become prevalent across all websites and businesses. Getting in early with chatbots for your business may place your company in an advantageous position moving forward.

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