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Social Media Trends 2023

Social media trends play a crucial role in shaping the digital landscape and have become an integral part of our online experiences. For businesses that utilize social media as a marketing and communication tool, staying abreast of these trends is paramount to maintaining relevance and effectively engaging with their target audience.

Social media trends for 2023 provide valuable insights into the evolving behaviours, preferences, and expectations of users, allowing businesses to adapt their strategies and leverage new opportunities. By understanding and capitalizing on these trends, businesses can enhance their brand visibility, reach a wider audience, foster meaningful connections, and ultimately drive growth and success in the dynamic realm of social media.

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Social Media Trends for 2023

The Future of eCommerce

In 2022 we saw social media increasingly emerge as a significant player in e-commerce. With billions of users actively engaging on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, social media trends 2023 alone have begun to offer unparalleled opportunities for businesses such as connecting with their target audience, driving sales, and engaging marketing solutions.

From shoppable posts and product catalogues to streamlined checkout processes in-app, social media platforms are now blurring the lines between content consumption and e-commerce transactions. As social media continues to evolve and change, it is bound to revolutionise the world of e-commerce as we know it, providing a pathway for businesses to thrive in the digital marketplace.

DMs for Customer Service Channels

More often than not, customers will revert to messaging brands via their DMs for a quick response. If this hasn’t been the case for you, what social media trends 2023 bring along may be a game changer. It is stated by around 84% of social media marketers that this will become consumers’ preferred method for customer service channels in 2023, and even thereafter. Moreover, 43% of companies that provide customer service through DMs have now dedicated a customer service representative to respond to their customers, while 41% leave it up to the social media marketer. If your social media calls for more attention in the DMs, then why not invest?

Influencer Marketing Goes to Micro-Influencers

Along with a change in e-commerce use across social media, influencer marketing has also seen a shift from celebrity and major influencers to micro-influencer marketing from a business point of view. More often than not, this is because micro-influencers bring a sense of relatability and authenticity to brand collaborations. Their smaller following means more engagement, and the are looked at as trusted individuals within their niche community.

Additionally, micro-influencers offer targeted reach, catering to specific niches that align closely with a business’s target market. What we have seen in the last few years are around 80% of work going to smaller creators ranging from 1k followers to 99k, while a tiny 16% continue to work with influencers boasting over 1 million followers.

Short-Form Video is the Highest ROI Format

Revolutionising the way businesses connect with their audience, Short-form video has emerged as the highest ROI format in 2023 social media trends; attributed to several factors that make short form video content incredibly impactful. More so, their concise and engaging nature captures attention like video has never been able to before, at least in such a fast paced environment.

This specific type of content has allowed businesses to convey their message in an effective manner, leaving a lasting impression in a short amount of time – which has proven difficult as social media becomes a rapidly evolving platform. Short form content like this is also easier to share, with the ability to be downloaded with the click of a single button, and the ability to go viral on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Don’t Reshare the Same Content Across Platforms

It may seem obvious why cross-sharing would be easy for social media managers, but when it comes to 2023 social media trends, many are starting to turn away from this, and so are audiences. Although, on a grand scale, social media platforms might all seem the same – they are individual, unique, and vastly different. A survey conducted by HubSpot found that only 17% of marketers cross-post the same content, and instead, tailor their content to the specific platform its being posted on. For example, LinkedIn is completely different to the way Instagram operates, and the audiences are going to expect different types of content.

What you would post on Instagram, probably wouldn’t sit well on LinkedIn, as it takes more of a B2B and professional approach. Ensure that when it comes to content creation, what you are creating and posting is tailored to the correct audience on the right platform – not only will this make it more engaging, but it makes it more relevant for your audience.

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