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2023 Trends in Web Design

Good web design is one of the most important tools your business can utilise to get ahead in the marketplace. When potential clients search for your business, your website is often the first thing they will see so it is important to make a good first impression. While you may believe that flashy visuals are all it takes to make a great website, the trends in web design show us there is more to it than just bombarding your viewers with information and visuals.

This blog will look at the latest web design trends and the impact they are having on digital marketing. Some of the most successful website design trends build on what came before, while others are new factors to consider. Hiring a digital marketing agency like Resurge Digital will help your company stay on top of these trends in web design while also maximising your engagement and business.

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Latest Web Design Trends


While it may seem like the best way to drive up interest in your website is to pack it full of bright visuals and colourful images, website design trends are showing that simplicity is the better design choice. With our phones now functioning as miniature computers, most people will probably view your website through their phone, where a simpler design is better suited. Less is more, and not having your website be weighed down by images and information will allow you to communicate your message more clearly.


Everything old is new again, with nostalgia at an all time high. Whether you are a 90s kid or still hung up on 80s synth, nostalgia is a powerful tool in garnering public interest. Featuring website design and graphics that harken back to the older years of the internet can endear potential customers to your website as your nostalgia drenched design gives you a unique image. By associating your business with designs that have stood the test of time, customers can be led to believe that your products and services will as well.

Dark Mode

As society is spending more and more time looking at screens, we are becoming more conscious of the impact it can have on our eyes. Dark mode is becoming increasingly popular as it reduces the strain on one’s eyes and helps sustain device’s batteries for longer. Incorporating dark mode into your website will open it up to more viewers who covet the option, while also allowing more options for the website’s design. Through the simple use of darkness, you can highlight other elements of your website without the need for bright colours.


With each year more and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of accessibility. It is to take things for granted, but with a large portion of the population suffering from some sort of disability, it is important to make sure your products and services can be enjoyed by everyone. This flows directly into web design, with building your website with accessibility in mind allowing your business to do the right thing while reaching even more visitors. Accessibility can be as simple as providing subtitles on video content or allowing users to change the font size and colours for written content.

Video Backgrounds

The rise of social media apps like TikTok and Instagram has caused people to become more reliant on video content, with some people unable to digest information unless it is in video form. While a video background for a website is not the key to get information across, it does present an eye-catching display that can play in the background while users process the text that accompanies it. Relying on a wall of text to get your information across can be risky, as you risk losing your audience’s interest. A video background, however, will keep them interested as it provides another way to present information about your brand.

Leave it to the Web Design Experts

While it is easier than ever to create your own website, designing one that reaches your target audience can be a complicated procedure. Rather than risking your company’s potential engagement on a DIY website, contact a digital marketing agency with experience in building engaging and successful websites. At Resurge Digital, we have expert web designers who are aware of the latest web design trends and incorporate them into quality websites that will increase engagement for your company online. As the ultimate Brisbane website design agency, with experience in helping low-ranking websites generate new leads and conversions, Resurge Digital will design a website that represents your unique brand while generating maximum interest from potential customers.

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