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Common SEO Misconceptions

As more businesses move online, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has never been more important. Utilising keywords and key phrases to increase your website’s visibility can greatly boost your engagement levels and bring in potential clients. Despite its usefulness and growing acceptance as a vital marketing tool, there are many misconceptions about SEO that are prevalent online. Whether it is the belief that SEO is a one-time thing or that more keywords equal more views, this blog entry will dispel some of the biggest SEO misconceptions.

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SEO Misconceptions & The Truth

1. SEO Only Needs to Be Done Once

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about SEO is that it is only a one-time thing. Some people believe that once you have set SEO up for the first time it can be left alone, and it will continue to generate the same amount of traffic forever. While you will experience a boost in engagement initially, over time your SEO rankings will go down as your competitors roll out their own SEO campaigns. Thus, SEO is a constant process that must continually be updated and optimised to stay relevant and continuously achieve the best results.

2. Keyword Research Isn’t Necessary

Many business owners falsely believe that keyword research is a waste of time, as they surely know their business and customers better than anyone. While this is true, keywords are a fickle beast and are almost never the most obvious choices. Just because you are a construction company in Brisbane does not mean “Brisbane construction” will be a successful keyword for you. Keyword research identifies the exact keywords that will pump up your SEO rankings so they can be harnessed on your website. Without research you also run the risk of using common keywords that are used by your competitors, meaning your business can become lost in the pack.

3. The More Keywords, the Better

Keywords are important to boost your website’s ranking, but it is equally important to not spam your site full of keywords. While one might think that having more keywords means more views, the opposite is true. “Keyword stuffing” is when too many keywords are used on a site and used where they don’t fit naturally, causing Google to potentially penalise your site as keyword stuffing breaks their guidelines. This means that the precise use of keywords only in places where they make sense is the best strategy.

4. You Don’t Need to Post Content Often

Some believe that posting regular content to their website is not important, as relying on old content with keywords is an effective strategy. This is false, as constantly posting content will increase your chances of gaining more views and more customers as they discover your fresh content. This is why keeping a blog on your website is an effective strategy, as it is an easy way to regularly post to your website no matter your industry, while also allowing for each piece to include new keywords.

5. Only Keywords Matter, Not Content

Another popular but false belief about SEO is that only keywords matter, and that content is only there for keywords to be stuffed into. Quality content is just as important as keywords, however, as engaging and informative content will keep viewers around for longer and cause them to explore more of your website. If the keywords are surrounded by low-quality writing, then users will be turned away sooner which can increase your bounce rate and cause Google to penalise your website.

6. Title Tags and Meta Descriptions Don’t Matter

Title tags and meta descriptions are the first impression you give users when they come across your website through a Google search. While some disregard them as unimportant, they are vital for enticing people to click on your link and visit your website. Title tags should be less than 60 characters, while meta descriptions should be lower than 155, and both should include your core keyword. Failing to do these things can result in potential viewers to pass over your website and click on a competitor instead.

7. If You’re Not First, You’re Last

Some people view SEO as a competition, and that if you’re not first in the rankings then you’re not winning. While the goal is to reach the top of the rankings, being first isn’t everything as the most important thing is drawing potential customers to your website and providing enough quality content that will keep them around and purchasing from you. Just because a site ranks higher for views doesn’t mean it is turning all those views into sales either. Rather than focusing on ranking higher than everyone else, instead focus on making your site the best it can be, and higher rankings will come naturally over time.

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