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Offshore SEO – Is it Worth the Risk?

Owning and operating a business in the 21st century means you are reliant on technology and the internet like never before, making it vital to harness SEO (search engine optimisation) to place your business in the best position for success. Good SEO puts you in front of as many potential customers as possible, which in turns grows your business and income. Typically, offshore SEO companies offer their services for less than local providers, making it enticing to save money. But is using offshore SEO worth the risk? Whether it is the risk of being saddled with lost backlinks or simply being provided an inferior service, there is much to consider when weighing up the option of choosing offshore or local SEO.

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What is Offshore SEO?

As the name implies, offshore SEO is SEO services that are offered overseas, typically at a cheaper rate than what you may find locally. They may take the form of established digital marketing agencies or freelancers who conduct SEO services in their spare time. You may come across these services through a Google search or they may reach out to you themselves offering a cheaper alternative along with ways they can improve your SEO, such as fixing lost backlinks. If you operate a small business, employing these services may seem like a thrifty move, as you save money while still enjoying the benefits of SEO.

What are the Risks of Using Offshore SEO?

Lack of Communication

When you employ an offshore company to handle your SEO, it makes it harder to effectively communicate and understand each other. Using a local SEO agency means you can catch up over coffee and discuss your strategy in-person, ensuring everyone is on the same page. When you work with an overseas company, however, you are relying on emails and messages to communicate, meaning an unseen or overlooked response may cause unnecessary problems. Operating in different time zones also means you may spend hours or even days waiting for a reply to an urgent issue.

Inferior Work

The phrase “you get what you pay for” may not always be true, but it does apply to your SEO services. Often when an SEO company comes to you offering a cheaper alternative, it is because their work does not meet the same standard as other more widely trusted agencies. This may take the form of less optimised work, content that is full of typos, lost backlinks, fewer employees to cater to your needs, or just overall inferior service. While you may believe you do not need to pay top dollar to make the most of SEO, it is typically wise to invest in more premium services to place yourself in the best position for success.


While there are plenty of SEO agencies that operate effectively worldwide, there are also scammers looking to take advantage of your need for SEO. Being offered a cheap deal on your SEO is great, but it is important to properly research the companies that contact you before agreeing to their offer. You wouldn’t make an expensive purchase blindly, so it is important to investigate any SEO agencies you are considering before making a commitment.

A quick Google search often reveals the true nature of a company, with Google Reviews sometimes being enough to showcase the trustworthiness and reliability of the provider. If they are flooded with negative reviews, or their website looks rather unprofessional, typically they are scammers looking to separate you from your hard-earned money. The opposite is also true, with a digital marketing agency with a high rating on Google and a well-maintained website typically being worthy of your time and investment.

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