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Google Analytics Spam Traffic and What You Can Do About It

Google Analytics is known for being one of the most powerful tools to track website visitors, activity, and other informative data elements for an online business. An important fundamental that comes with using this piece of digital equipment is understanding how to filter out unwanted spam traffic in order to get to the data that you need.

In this blog, we’re going to be discussing how to filter through Google Analytics spam, how to better protect your business, and why this sort of traffic can find its way to your Google Analytics (GA) profile. If you’re interested in engaging in a service that you know is going to keep your GA safe, consider contacting the team at Resurge Digital.

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Where Does GA Spam Traffic Come From?

This specific traffic has the potential to become a problem for any business that has a website on Google, however, it’s especially common for new business websites, and small business websites as well. Essentially, unwanted traffic is common due to the amount of people on the web that are trying to make an income by sending visits to other websites – this is done by either creating false sites or using bots.

Although it’s a common occurrence, it isn’t a feasible and efficient way to generate real leads or customers, it only works to inflate the number of “website visitors”. This can be frustrating, as the number of visitors is going to be considerably high, but there aren’t going to be any proper, authentic conversions.

How to Properly Protect Your GA from Spam Traffic

Investing in the premium version of Google Analytics is not enough to keep your profile or website safe from hackers and spammers. With your GA property ID, these online terrors have the ability to do some real damage. The first step in keeping your website and your Google Analytics safe from any spam or inflation, is engaging an expert agency that knows exactly how to manipulate these bots, spammers, and hackers.

Although there are articles on how to add filters and multiple different views to ensure your profiles and sites are safe, nothing is going to do a better job than a trusted digital marketing agency with specialists in Google Analytics. Following an online guide may only help temporarily, but the fact of the matter is, you’re going to need a permanent and maintained solution to ensure your data is performing the way it should be at all times. That’s where someone like Resurge Digital comes in.

Google Analytics Spam Filters

Within a websites Google Analytics account, there are a number of different filters that can be implemented to ensure your traffic is authentic and genuine, such as:

  • Campaign Source to stop crawler referral spam
  • Valid hostname for ghost spam and development environment
  • Browse size
  • Language for sneaky crawlers and bots
  • Static and dynamic filters for internal traffic
  • Enabling “Exclude all hits from known bots and spiders”

As a business, it’s imperative that your data matches the stats, and by implementing filters that know how to identify real traffic, you won’t have to worry about weaving through statistics that don’t match up to your conversions and leads. The data in your Google Analytics account is crucial; if you aren’t recording accurate information, your reports will be presenting false data and you won’t understand whether your site has been performing well or not; thus, jeopardising your knowledge of where you need to improve from a marketing perspective.

Trust Reputable Digital Marketing

Knowing how your website is performing – whether it’s weekly, monthly, or quarterly, is extremely imperative to the way your business operates. Without understanding spam traffic or knowing how to properly avoid it and protect yourself, your website is going to become unstuck. This is why it’s recommended that you get in touch with a digital marketing agency that knows exactly what needs to happen to ensure your website and it’s data are safe – allowing you to better optimise your online presence and your operations for the sake of your customers and business efficiency.

Resurge Digital, Brisbane’s leading digital marketing agency, have a team of GA specialists in house, providing complete confidence to our clients that their Google Analytics are always being monitored and maintained in the case of a spam traffic attempt. Not only do we do our best to ensure your business is kept out of sight of spammers and hackers, but we provide constant updates of your data, so you know how well you’re performing to your clients, and opportunities for better optimisation every month.

Keep Your GA Data Safe with Resurge Digital

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