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Topical Authority in SEO

When it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO), the term “authority” is no stranger. Topical authority is an imperative aspect of ranking well across search engines and having a better understanding of- implementing this to your businesses website is going to be a major beneficial fundamental. Long story short (we’ll get into the long story soon, though), authority refers to influence and its power – more so relating to a specific piece of content and how much authority it holds over other information found on the internet.

In the world of topical SEO, the higher authority a page has, the chances of ranking well in organic searches is increased (this is what we want). If you want your content to come across, or actually present itself as authoritative and reliable, you need to create content that does exactly that – although it may sound as simple as researching reliable sources and adding it to your content, it isn’t just that. Engaging a digital marketing agency that boasts a strong content department is the best thing for your business, as they understand how to build trust and quality content for your visitors.

Topical Authority SEO in Detail

Quality content across your website is going to help build your reputation and increase your chances of being found across search engine results pages (also known as SERPs). The amount of authority your website holds can also include direct links that point to your site and social media (such as internal links to your service pages, information pages, product pages etc).

Why Topical Authority is Important

Not only is it imperative to consider authority for your websites content, but it’s important to implement it into marketing strategies as well – from a digital marketing point of view, it’s one of the main considerations when it comes to planning a full website content strategy, rewrites, blog articles, and even live optimisation tasks.

Knowing how to utilise topical authority is going to be a major benefit and drawcard for your website, because it means you have what it takes to control the matter as it suits. From here, we’ll get into how to best implement this sort of authority to your site, and where you need to go next.

How Does Topical Authority SEO work?

Thanks to Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, topical SEO gained prominence in 2013, proving a transformation in how the search engine giant analyses content and assists users searching for related information. Essentially, a search result is now heavily based on the relevance of a user’s search/query.

Before the Hummingbird algorithm came to play, Google focused on keywords – simply and effectively. In this sense, it was monotonous, because the search engine was able to understand what its users wanted to see when punching in a search query. As a straightforward example, if someone Googled how to bake a cake, Google would have delivered a recipe. Now, Google analyses user content based on thought processes brought on from conversational search queries.

This specific type of authority is strictly relevant to on-page SEO and can also lend its hand to improving click-through rates (CTR), thanks to the implementation of more relevant keywords along with great readability, and a touch of influence thanks to the writers understanding of the topic itself.

Where to From Here?

So, we’ve determined that authority is imperative to the way your site performs, and it all comes down to how you write content, what you include, and the keywords you utilise. Although this may sound quite straightforward – this isn’t the case. The best thing you can do to ensure topical SEO authority is evident across your sites content, is engage an agency that have a strong background and foundation in this area.

In the interim, it’s important you understand what this will include once a team is working alongside you, and that is:

  • Extensive and topical keyword research on talking points within specific topics
  • Organise that keyword research data in “topical clusters” for ease and convenience
  • Producing content that meets the search and query intent for these topical keywords
  • Building relevant internal and external links to your content, and other pages on your website (such as service pages, product pages, information pages etc).

Get in touch with a team like Resurge Digital for a complete breakdown of just how fundamental topical authority is going to be for your site – in a sense of content, and domain authority as well. We have a strong team of content writers, specialists, and SEO technicians that work closely together and understand how important it is to include the right ratio of relevant keyword mentions, internal links, and research backed information. From strategies to full implementation, we’re here to make it as simple as possible while providing incredible results for your business.

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