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Is SEO in 2023 Fundamental to Your Business’ Online Presence?

The concern over search engine optimisation and its efficacy is a common one. In fact, just last year we ourselves have discussed at length the eternal question of “Is SEO Still Relevant”. A year has passed and now, in the closing months of 2023, leveraging our extensive hands-on experience with SEO in 2023, we take another look at not only whether search engine optimisation is still relevant, but also whether, more of interest to business owners, it is still fundamental to a business’ online presence.

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Has SEO in 2023 Changed Compared to Past Years?

In 2022, we have concluded that, “SEO is still the most efficient way of improving your website traffic from organic search”. That said, the search landscape has changed somewhat due to quite significant new developments in the digital space.

If there was one development in the world of information technology in the last 12 months that has caused SEO professionals to re-consider their strategies, it is certainly the rise of generative AI. We were forced to make considerations for AI and copywriting in our content strategies, we also started exploring the more general relationship between AI and SEO with a focus on how artificial intelligence is changing the ways in which we search the web and get answers to our questions from it. Let’s quickly recap.

SEO in 2023 – AI and Content

AI tools can now help to generate new content ideas, overcome writer’s block, and supply basic ideas or outlines that can then be further developed by human writers. They can also write entire content pieces but, the possibility of inaccurate, irrelevant or outright made-up text, make the proposition of solely relying on AI in content writing a cautious one, at least in 2023.

SEO in 2023 – AI Generated Search Results

Artificial intelligence is beginning to openly drive the results we get when we search the web. Some of the largest, well-known, and widely used search engines are developing conversational interfaces for searching the web and answering user questions. In late 2023, we can use already use the experimental Google Bard chat bot, the already somewhat established Bing AI, and DuckAssist – a newcomer from DuckDuckGo, with more copycats potentially on the way.

Is SEO in 2023 Still Fundamental to a Business’ Online Presence?

Despite several, and by now regular, Google algorithm updates this year, as it is, best practices for SEO in 2023 have been adjusted but not really changed that significantly from the previous few years. The strategies that worked in 2022, are still virtually effective and work perfectly fine in 2023. Even just touching on some of the fundamentals can deliver noticeable improvement and help you outrank your competition in Google Search when carried out correctly by a specialist:

Is SEO in 2023 still fundamental to your business’ online presence then? Yes, absolutely it is. Just touching base on the SEO basics is still provably, and quantifiably able to improve your search engine rankings, the organic traffic to your website, and the conversions (whether website goal completions for lead generation websites or sales for e-commerce websites) a business can get from that traffic. We ourselves do it all the time for businesses just like yours.

Will SEO Continue to Be Important in 2024 and Beyond?

SEO will no doubt undergo further transformation in the future, it is practically a given. The goals and objectives for search engine optimisation campaigns might shift, and the methods of achieving them will have to change to match, but as long as it is possible to improve organic traffic outcomes of a website, regardless of how web search itself ends up working in the future, SEO will continue to be important for your business’ online presence.

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