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Paid vs Organic Social Media Marketing

Social media has given businesses and brands a platform to reach, nurture, and engage with their target audiences domestically, and all over the world. When a business utilises social media, it can generate brand awareness, sales, leads, and even revenue. Social media has evolved since it’s humble beginnings, becoming a dominant aspect in our everyday lives, and becoming one of the most impactful solutions for businesses. Each platform is heavily used for the full consumer experience, from acquisition, remarketing, retention, service, and conversion, we dive into everything you need to know about the basics of paid vs organic social media use here.   

Social media marketing is still a progressive medium, and many people still don’t understand how it’s done. Marketing through social platforms is an entirely different world on its own, making it important for businesses and brands to understand how it operates. In this blog, we’ll be discussing organic vs paid social media marketing, the difference between the two, and how each platform benefits business.

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The Difference Between Organic vs Paid Social Media Marketing

Organic Social Media Marketing

One of the main benefits of organic social marketing is the fact that its free! Utilising organic posts on social media is the best way to manage your reputation and engage with your customers. Here, you’re able to respond directly to your audience in real time, giving them ultimate confidence in your customer service skills and enabling them to feel comfortable in your brand.

This is also one of the easiest ways to listen to your consumers and embrace the opportunity to take on board their ideas and needs. Organic social media marketing allows you to build a foundation of trust, communication, and return customers. 

Paid Social Media Marketing

Paid vs organic social media marketing offer some of the same benefits, however, paid gives you the ability to leverage. This allows brands and businesses to demolish algorithms and connect with a wider audience that was unlikely to discover their content organically. This is called reach. Say you have an organic post or even a campaign that’s converting regularly, investing money will spread the content to an audience further than your general circle of consumers, providing an instant boost in conversions.

Paid social media gives you the opportunity to narrow down your target audience by geographic location, hobbies, demographic and so on. This means you can pinpoint who exactly you want to advertise to, and who you want to engage with your product or services. 

Marketing on Social Media Platforms


Facebook is a great platform for social media marketing if you’re aiming to target a wide and specific audience. For retail, this platform is one of the best solutions thanks to its retail ROAS and great ad types for your needs. While Facebook offers a great and specified advantage to marketing, it’s affordable and low cost, letting brands and businesses set their own budget.


Instagram is a platform where companies and individuals can boost brand awareness and amplify their reach. It’s all about creativity, maximising content marketing and using assets that capture potential consumers attention instantly. This is also a great platform for targeting mobile users, as Instagram is predominantly used by those with a smartphone. Here, businesses can gather market insights, fit any budget, and enhance targeting.


When it comes to paid vs organic social media, TikTok is an amazing solution for both, however, it favours the organic algorithm a little more. This platform is good for people and businesses that want attention drawn to their product or service almost instantly, with an ever-flowing feed of content being pushed in front of users at every second. As it becomes one of the most popular social media channels, it’s also one of the easiest for those with obscure, new-generation, future-focused, and trend based businesses.

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